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Cheats for Game GTA IV PC-Laptop or Playstation Version

Cheats for PC Game Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Complete
How to Use GTA IV Easy Game Cheats

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Grand Theft Auto GTA IV themed New York city action-adventure complete missions Players navigate Liberty City either by foot or by vehicle. Like the previous GTA series, in this GTA IV series players can use weapons, vehicles, but not easy to get it. With the help of Cheat all becomes easy, use Cheat to simplify Game GTA IV.



How to use Cheat in Game GTA IV is slightly different from previous versions, enter when playing game by pressing number on Niko Bellic phone to activate cheat desired. Once contacted, the number remains on Bellic phones for future use. We recommend using Cheat if you play alone, do not use at the time of Online because the possibility will not work.

Be sure to read the small print below the table for some specific information about that.

If Cheat succeeds will appear "Cheat Activated"
Choose the Cheat you want :     
Cheat Code
Effect or Benefits
Song information
Spawn a Jetmax boat
Spawn a Sanchez bike
Spawn an NRG-900 bike
Unlock weapon set 1 (poor weapons)
Unlock weapon set 2 (advanced weapons)
Restore health, armor, and ammo
Randomly change weather and time of day
Restore armor 4
Spawn an Annihilator helicopter
Increase Wanted level (by one star)
Clear Wanted level 5
Spawn a Comet sports car
Spawn a SuperGT sports car
Spawn a Turismo sports car
Spawn a Cognoscenti luxury car
Spawn an FBI Buffalo vehicle

Download Cheat GTA III PDF Form

Bonus Hints for GTA IV
  •  To start a car that won't start, get in the car and take out your phone. Type a number in the phone and press talk. Then, push the gas and the car will start.
  • To get fire trucks in GTA IV, go to the parking lot at the hookers strip club. Exit the parking lot and turn left. Take the last right near the end of the road. Go to the fire station you see and get the fire trucks there.
  • Find Money by stealing a bank truck when you see one. Blow it up to make money fly everywhere, but don't get too close or you will be burned. Also, make sure to move quickly to gather the money because it disappears when the fire goes out.

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