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    How to Download Files Games Software or Movies on Siooon

    How to Download Games Software or Movies on Siooon
    Guide and Tutorial Download Files on Website Siooon

          Thank you for visiting Siooon, I hope the shared files will benefit.
    Maybe some of you who have downloaded Games or Software at Siooon will not feel confused about how to download them. But now there are some changes regarding How to Download files in Siooon. That is because some links are easily damaged or dead, seeing the number of incoming e-mails telling you if there are many links that cannot be accessed. Therefore Siooon immediately changes the download method to make it safer and links can last longer.

    The following is how to download files in Siooon:

    1. You see the appearance of the Siooon Website, for example Pro Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019) for Computers

    2. Scroll to the bottom until you see or find the Link in the form of Text or Button
        Select one of the Link Servers, for example select SERVER 1

    3. You will be directed to the Tovewe XYZ Website to verify
        A circle that moves up to 100% will appear
        Until the "VERIFICATION" button appears, click the button

    4. Then you will be directed to the next button "SUCCESS GET LINKS"
        Click the button

    5. Finally is Link Verification at Safelink Next-Siooon
         The process is almost the same, slowly scroll down until you find a moving circle

    6. Find the first button "GET LINK", click the button

    7. You will be directed to the second link
        Click the "GO TO LINK" button

    8. Done, you will be directed to the File Storage Server
        Example of Google Drive
    9. Click the Keep Download button

    10. Downloading File Process will appear, wait until the download process is complete

    Very easy, not download files in Siooon?

    That's an easy way to download Game Software Files, Games, or Movies on Siooon. Hopefully useful, thank you for visiting the Siooon site.

    See the video form to make it Easier:

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