Report Link Download Error or Not Found on Siooon

Report Link Download Error or Not Found in Siooon
Know Siooon if there is a Damaged or Error Link

      Find the game you want to play? Or the software you need? But when I want to download it turns out the link is corrupt or error (Not Found). Don't panic or be sad, please let us know so we can finish it right away. We will immediately replace the link with a new one or if necessary, upload it again.

How to Report a Damaged or Error Link
1. Comment on the Error Post Game or Software
    Suppose you want to Download the Football Manager 2010 Game or Corel Draw, please provide comments in the post. Siooon will check it out soon, don't forget to include your e-mail, after the link has been repaired, Siooon will immediately contact you via e-mail.

2. Via Email
    If through the comments you feel the process is complicated, you can send an email to:
This process takes 3x24 hours, because there may be many incoming emails that must be replied one by one.

By telling the broken link, you have helped Siooon keep all the games and software downloaded.

      That's the way to tell Siooon about broken links or errors. Thank you for visiting the Siooon website, hopefully it will be useful for all of you.


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